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Taking Stock - May Edition

So the May edition of 'Taking Stock' is late but it's my birthday month y'all so i'm going to use that as my excuse. We are halfway through the month and believe a few things have changed since last month so instead of the regular post i will update y'all on my May 'favorites' rather than give you outdated info.

How I Clean My Handbags + DIY Hacks

So lately i'm all about wanting durability in terms of my bags, clothes, shoes, jewellery etc. I think its the age guys. Hahahaha i'll be turning 27 in a few weeks. Anyway i have been intentional in cleaning my handbags and purses and in this post i'll share how i do that plus some hacks i've discovered about making my bags keep looking as good as new.

Back to Basics: Updated Skincare Routine

I last posted my skincare routine over a year ago and whilst going through my previous posts last night i realised my regimen has changed, not so much in the process but the products i now use. I'm sure y'all already know i am such a minimalist and so i do not like complicating my life but would rather sick to the very 'basics' even when it comes to skin care.